How To Create A Mini Marketing Machine ™ 
A framework that helps our clients double or triple their revenue on autopilot

September 16th 8PM EST 

Exclusive private training for digital course creators, membership site owners, bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, service providers, coaches, consultants, authors, experts, and speakers.

Hey, overwhelmed business owner! I see you.

Right now you're doing "all the things" in your business hoping something will help you explode your growth.

You’re jumping from one business strategy to the next hoping it’s finally your magic bullet to scaling your current success.

But nothing is panning out the way you want it to.

You may even have found moderate success with a Seductive Little Offer (SLO) or other lead generation but it’s not enough to skyrocket you to the next level.

The truth is…

Your Seductive Little Offer (SLO) also known as Lead generation is only a piece of the puzzle in helping you scale. As great as it is, you can’t put all your eggs in the SLO basket and expect to see the kind of growth you always dreamed of.


Most business owners have never actually been shown how to build their business in a way that automatically grows and recharges itself (It’s not your fault!)

The experts would have you believe that it takes complicated strategies to reach your revenue goals (Psst! It doesn’t!)

You don’t have to be chained to your desk to scale successfully (Yes! Less screen time!)

The Good News...

All you need is a Mini Marketing Machine™.

I’m talking about an automated system that helps you NURTURE leads and generate MORE revenue on autopilot without feeling salesy 
• Why Listen to kara? •
What people are saying about kara
-Stu McLaren
she gets results 
“If there’s one thing you need to know about working with Kara, it’s that she has an amazing track record of getting results.

I needed someone I could trust to help take my brand to the next level, connect with my audience, and as a result, generate sales. Kara was able to help me do that and consistently generate hundreds of thousands of dollars from her creative ad strategies. 

If you want results, look no further, Kara is your person!”

A Mini Marketing Machine™ Gives You…

peace of mind when your ads fizzle out

the ability to only work with soulmate clients

unlimited earning potential

less reliance on your low-ticket offers

Escape from the feast and famine cycle of launches

And best of all, more FREEDOM to do what you want when you want it.

-Amanda Quinn
Co-Founder of Fit Chicks Academy
“Kara is one of the most amazing people that we have ever worked with from a perspective of marketing strategies and even just having her as a part of our business has been so integral to our growth.

So right now, if you were thinking about how can you get out of this rut? How can you get unstuck from where you are today? 

You need to stop looking and just work with Kara immediately. You will definitely thank yourself."
Secrets I’ll be Spilling in the Private Live Training
Secret #1
Why you should stop focusing on freebies for leads because it’s actually hindering your growth and what to do instead
Secret #2
How to develop a signature offer without reinventing the wheel that perfectly aligns with your business and serves as a natural progression for your customer
Secret #3
The #1 biggest mistake business owners make that stops first-time buyers from becoming repeat buyers
-Ashley Buffa
completely blown away
Kara took all of the guesswork and headaches out of digital marketing & paid advertising strategy, made it simple, and I was completely blown away with the results I had in just one week! 

If you need someone to help banish the overwhelm, working with Kara will be the best decision you’ve ever made."
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marketing genius
Kara is an absolute marketing genius! We didn't have much luck with our digital marketing strategy before she came in & blew us away with her ideas. We quickly started seeing results we never thought were possible.

Hi, I'm Kara...

Kara Charron is a digital marketing expert and coach who’s been featured on CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS & USA Today who has helped best-selling authors, bloggers, coaches, digital course creators, influencers, (and more) reach their true potential. 

She’s passionate about helping business owners break through their limits and blow up their business with a mini marketing machine.

Having failed hard on her journey toward success, she’s learned tough lessons along the way but never gave up thanks to her resilience.

Over the years, she’s started businesses, coached businesses, and even been an executive of a multi-million dollar ads agency.
One of her greatest accomplishments is creating her first multi-million dollar business in her twenties.

She is a mom of two sport-crazy teenagers, wife to an amazing husband of nearly 20 years, obsessed with trying new things, and living outside of the box.